Holiday Cards for the Family…

I really don’t do anything special for holiday cards…I just like to send a card every year and now that it’s a tradition, I’m a little addicted. BUT…since it was a special year with us getting married and all…I made a special card for extended family and close friends who weren’t able to make it…printed via MPIX and either mounted onto a single weight mat board or onto a photocard:

I stuck an adhesive easel on the back of a few and voila… a mini standee! Anything in mini size is so cute aren’t they? They accompany’d various Christmas cards and off they went…

If you’re wondering why you didn’t get a photo, I promise it’s nothing personal! To be honest…I just didn’t want to bombard people with major a+r overload if you attended our wedding this year. Until next year…I’m already storming up some fun ideas!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Holiday Cards for the Family…

  1. meg says:

    woot! How fun!

  2. […]  I just received the best holiday card from Angelique & Ricardo, and she posted a little how-to on her blog and I thought I would share it here.  Thanks […]

  3. Tai says:

    To die for cute! Love this idea and if you don’t mind, will probably steal it the first excuse I have to send photos to friends and family. Thanks for sharing!

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