The Linen Chest…

When I worked at Linens-N-Things the summer before I left for college, these ladies would come in during our sales and raid our clearance bins. I was surprised they didn’t mind if items didn’t match and most of them would tell me it was for their linen chest. This chest of collected linens would be gifted to their children later on in life when they married and moved into a home of their own so they would have linens for guest bedrooms, visitors, etc. Brilliant idea I thought!

Katy’s mom had a chest filled with old bridesmaids dresses growing up where Katy and her sister would play dress up with everything in this chest. She’s since started her own chest with many, many, many bridesmaid dresses. So sweet, don’t you think?

While we were in Portland…Katy revealed a little surprise I had no idea about…she’s starting to collect BABY items!! She’s NOT pregnant so don’t get any ideas, but I’d LOVE to start a chest of something sweet on my own. Maybe things for our first home or first baby? Both sound like great ideas…or maybe I’m just looking for a good excuse to buy this baby blanket without freaking Ricardo out…

One Kings Lane


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