My Moment of Weakness

I’ve cried at every wedding I’ve ever attended! What can I say…I’m a crier. I cry during movies, commercials, when something is heartbreaking or tender…I cry. Although…I didn’t cry at our own wedding…is that sad? I feel a little un-human that I didn’t cry, but don’t think I didn’t have my moment of weakness. For some reason or another…we never talked about the “giving away” moment with our officiant. I thought he would ask my dad something, but he didn’t and we didn’t have him at the rehearsal dinner so I was a little taken off guard when my dad placed my hand into Ricardo’s and then he stopped for a brief moment and said something along the lines of “Today I give you my daughters hand…(more lovely sentiments I can’t remember for the life of me).” Holy smokes…I almost cried here. And Ricardo said the one moment he thought he was going to cry was at this exact moment also.

I asked Becca if she cried, and amazingly enough…she didn’t cry at the altar either. She said she was happy and excited…just not overcome with emotions enough to cry. I felt the exact same way…which I find a little strange, but completely normal.

p.s. I did cry when I read Ricardo’s card so my eyes were definitely not dry that day.


One thought on “My Moment of Weakness

  1. Karen says:

    Aww….I’m a total crier too!

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