Weekend Plans…

We’ll be coming up to San Jose this weekend to see my parents, Ric’s parents, and also for Melanie’s Baptism. It’ll be a looong weekend, but short with the fam…we actually leave tonight so I really need to be getting our stuff together.

wordpress2We surely won’t be leaving until we meet Sophia. I’m so excited to meet her, I’ve been obsessively looking on Tim’s blog at all his photos. Be sure to check them out when you have a moment. Her tiny hands and feet are too cute to resist.

Sophia Fever Pt I | Sophia Fever Pt II | Sophia Fever Pt III

After we visit, Katy and I will be taking off to visit Becca in Portland and to do some major shopping until Monday.

While I’m there…Ric will be hanging out with his family in San Jose and coming home on Sunday…I always get a little nervous when he travels without me, but he’s a big boy and I know he’ll be just fine. Happy Weekend Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Plans…

  1. meg says:

    You’re going to have to come back up to the Bay Area when I’m around!

  2. diep says:

    I am equally obsessed with Sophia. she is so cute 🙂

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