Rebates and Class Action Lawsuits…

I love rebates…but for some reason Ricardo’s not a believer. He thinks they’re a scam and claim he’s never received a rebate ever in his life. Hmm….I just think he either didn’t fill them out and send them in or did it wrong because I always get my rebates. If that’s how he feels about rebates, can you imagine how he feels about class action lawsuits?

Ever get those notifications in your mailbox about class action lawsuits and they want to include you and 30 other people vs. the world?

About 4 years ago, he received one vs. the local hospital in San Luis Obispo. It was for patients who may have been overcharged after being admitted. Well guess who happened to receive treatment from this hospital? Ricardo had gotten into an ATV accident, hurt his back pretty bad and this all happened before we even met. Well…he gets this class action lawsuit and I remember telling him, “If I fill this out and you end up getting a check…I want it.” Lo and behold, we move to Southern California and a year and half later, we receive a check around $500. I couldn’t believe it…he got something back. He didn’t remember us making the pact and the check was obviously made out to him and I didn’t get his promise in writing so I was screwed. BUT…he didn’t remember filling out the form, which he didn’t, so the mula was mine. It really made no difference since our cash flow is one pot, but I wanted to prove to him that class action lawsuits were real!

For some odd reason, just a few months ago…he got another one for Sears. He worked for Sears in San Luis Obipso when he was in high school. This was for employees who may have been underpaid…well, well, well. Here I go filling out the forms once again…and guess what came in the mail this past weekend? A check for $27 and a $15 gift card for Sears. Go figure, right?….I’m not sure why I find this so exciting!!! I guess the moral of the story is class action lawsuit rewards are REAL! Go out there and claim all the money that belongs to you!!


One thought on “Rebates and Class Action Lawsuits…

  1. janice says:

    awesome! I just got one in the mail today! I think it’s I sign that I should fill it out! =)

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