No Motivation…

It’s been a few months and I’ve had NO motivation to work on our scrapbook. I wanted to scrapbook my bridal shower, wish tags, and all the cards/sweet notes we received throughout the year. I use 3M double sided tape for everything, but I don’t have a dispenser with a 3″ core to accommodate its large roll so the thought of cutting tape out little by little makes me cringe………..AND….don’t you just hate it when it accidentally slips out of your fingers and you have to go hunting to find where it starts?

I found this one at Staples, but for $27…I had to say no thanks. Plus…it looked like it was from the 70’s…ugghhh….too expensive and too ugly:

Remember…this isn’t just a regular tape dispenser…it’s one that holds a larger core for bigger tape rolls (normal dispensers have a 1″ core). I finally found one for $15 at a floral supply store, but when I went to pick it up…it was a horrid sonic blue…very similar to the one pictured below. A color so disgusting, I felt like it would stifle my creativity and I couldn’t stand to look at it for another minute…

Something had to be done so 1/2 an hour later…I had a transformed tape dispenser! A little spray paint never hurt anyone 🙂 Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I wanted metallic hot pink with a little shimmer, but had to settle on berry gloss at Home Depot…not too shabby.

Ricardo didn’t even believe it was spray painted when I brought it home since I did this all on my lunch hour at work. Ahhhh….what a relief!! Perfection…I’ll show you how far I’ve come along in my book very soon! Hmm…what else can I vandalize with berry gloss?………..


2 thoughts on “No Motivation…

  1. meg says:

    Oh I hear you! I have so many travel albums to scrapbook! Are you using your Kolo albums for all that scrapbooking? p.s. hot metallic pink would have been glorious!

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