My Christmas Wish List

Happy December everyone!! To celebrate the first day of December and a 25 day countdown until Christmas…below is a sampling of my wish list this year…

A Welsh Corgi:

Ricardo would much rather prefer an English Bulldog:

How do we compromise? In any case, he doesn’t think we’re ready for a dog yet 😦

A GPS (any which one…I’ll take it):

A MacBook:

A new book:

Isn’t this necklace so sweet? It says “I love you” in Braille…the hopeless romantic in me still lives.

This ruffled tee scarf from Anthroologie:

And a few CD’s…my taste is a little mixed…I know:


2 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List

  1. meg says:

    That’s a great wishlist. I like the puppies!

  2. miranda says:

    i love dogs

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