Our Black Friday

We’re not really 3am doorbuster deal shopping maniacs, so you probably won’t find me and Ric camped out at Walmart in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday. We took our time this morning enjoying breakfast and then headed out the door for Sears, Walmart and Target. Our mission…a vacuum cleaner. I was thinking we should have gotten an earlier start, but Ricardo assured me, “Honey, there won’t be people rushing through the doors for vacuum cleaners…I think we’ll be okay.” He was right…there were plenty to choose from. Our vacuum just died and a Dyson sure sounded dreamy…but realistically…a Hoover would do the work just fine so that’s exactly what we ended up with:

We also picked up some Christmas gift toys…until I started to get a mini-headache at Walmart and Ricardo felt dizzy. We’re obviously not good crowd shoppers so we took a stroll down 2nd street in Long Beach to get some fresh air….and then called it a day.

Off to feast on leftovers from yesterday 🙂 I can’t believe we still have the weekend to look forward to…I can get use to this 3 day work week.


2 thoughts on “Our Black Friday

  1. aLi. says:

    if your hoover dies, let us know and we’ll look out for a dyson deal for you. we got one for a really good price — sometimes macy’s has great deals that you can use their coupons on too, which makes it even cheaper. they really do make such a difference when you’re vacuuming, ryan has converted a lot of our friends!

  2. meg says:

    dyson’s on sale at target right now!

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