Something Borrowed…Something New

I have a confession. I didn’t feel quite like a bride in regards to my hair and make-up on our wedding day. I had one trial the month before our wedding and it was just so hard to work out when we were planning from afar. I actually changed my hairstyle without ever having a trial and thankfully, I really liked how it turned out. I’m not sure what I would have done differently so my regrets aren’t that huge.

Salon Lux worked out perfectly for our group. They have two salons in town, a large one downtown and a smaller cottage one a few blocks away from their large salon which they closed down just for our party that morning. It was PERFECT…maybe even too perfect!

The salon is split up in different rooms like a house and it also had a small garden patio for us to have lunch in.

I love these hair accessory shots below and this one of Becca.

My hair flower was my something borrowed from Jasmin, which she also wore on her wedding day…wasn’t she such a gorgeous bride?

photo by chung photo

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jasmin for the hair flower. I was so nervous to ask her because you never know how someone’s going to react when you want to wear something from their special day, but she was so excited to share it with me. So this was my “something borrowed.”

Speaking of Jasmin…look who welcomed “something new” this past week? Congratulations Joel and Jasmin… I can’t wait to meet Sweet Sophia!

photo by Tim Ahn

I still can’t believe this is her dad.

*all photographs (unless mentioned otherwise) by Jenny @ Alders Photography


2 thoughts on “Something Borrowed…Something New

  1. Jasmin Canlas says:

    Thanks Angelique! Of course I was happy to see you wear the flower on your wedding day. It makes it so much more special now! I’m hoping Sophia will use it for her big day too. =) Are you really coming up next week? Come visit us!

  2. Tim says:

    your posts always crack me up… after they amaze me with how awesome they are!!!! i posted new pics of sophia so take a look 🙂 what are you doing this weekend?

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