More Details to Consider…

Just a thought for brides to be.

Children’s Table: If you’re inviting children to your wedding, be mindful that children are fussy and grow restless very easy. We had one round table with coloring books, crayons, blow bubbles and a snack pack with goldfish, gummies and other delights. One parent came up to us and thanked us for having the idea so they were able to relax and enjoy. Of course we had different books for the boys and girls.

Bridesmaid Flower Jar: If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, then you’ll know it’s a bother to find a home for your flowers before they wilt. Plus…a bridesmaid bouquet does not run on the low end peeps…a spaghetti sauce mason jar will do the trick just fine. I taped on some lace fabric, pink ribbon, and attached a pearl initial letter I found at Michael’s in the dollar bin for each lady. “B” is for Becca.

Wooden Chairs: I wanted Chiavari Chairs…I really did. But there was no room for them in the budget. Not only that, but while you were cocktail-ing away…the catering team moved the chairs from the ceremony location to the reception. We were going to have two sets, but our wonderful caterer promised me no one would even notice and one set would be just fine.

Venue Resources: Manzanita branches can cost up to hundreds of dollars and luckily our venue were filled with Manzanita trees. Consider your venue and what they could offer that might be great use.

Your Caterer: They’ve probably done hundreds of weddings…and well…this is probably your first. My favorite part of wedding planning was definitely the menu tasting. We liked everything we tried…and while we were there, Ric mentioned a shrimp cocktail shooter that he wanted to do…only the cocktail sauce he preferred isn’t that common sauce you usually have with shrimp. His recipe called for chunks of avocado, cilantro, jalapeno, and little bit of lime. Jenny, our caterer at Trumpet Vine nailed it with her spin on his recipe. And who doesn’t like mini cheeseburgers…in this case, they weren’t so mini, but still delicious.

Ricardo was iffy on the torts, but I LOVED them. After our tasting, we took some back to the Navarro house and they loved them too so they were a keeper. Special note: you can’t overfeed your guests…they will eat anything and everything.

We also booked early and benefited by doing so because Jenny gave us a complimentary welcome lemonade and strawberry station. We chose Strawberry Lemonade and Peach Iced Tea. As you can imagine…I wasn’t able to try either one so I turn to you…I hope they were delicious?

I’m sure there’s much more to consider…and when I think of them, I promise I’ll share.

*photographs by Jenny @ Alders Photography


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