When You’re Overwhelmed…

Alison over at a little more wonder asked me something no one had ever asked me about a few months ago when I saw her at Jas’ surprise baby shower and it’s something that never really came up, but I often thought about. She asked me if I ever became overwhelmed with all the inspiration out there for weddings. When you’re a bride…and you’ve added on 60+ wedding blogs to your google reader…it’s crazy (and very overwhelming) to see the things people do!


At one point…I had to tell myself, stop reading the blogs and looking at Martha Stewart magazines!!! So I would boycott them because they made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough for my own wedding. Granted…I loved the weddings I saw and drew tons of inspiration from them, but I’m a firm believer in if you ever start to feel bogged down, not good enough, or completely overwhelmed with what you’re seeing out there…you should take a break because no one should have to do that to themselves.

There’s absolutely no sense in beating yourself up, because you’re always going to want to do more or go a completely different route, but then you have to start making decisions, stick to them firmly…and let go of a few good ideas because a dessert station, candy station, cake buffet, cupcake tower and root beer float shots will send your guests into a sugar high and you can’t have it all. And even if a sparkler send off looks amazing while you get into a vintage getaway car…the idea of leaving your guests behind might seem unfathomable. So when you’re ready to look….look all you want!! And then when you need to take a break…definitely do that too, preferably with an alcoholic beverage in hand and some good girlfriends.

p.s. all 60+ wedding blogs have since been removed from my google reader…….okay i lied…I kept 2 and some photographers I love… moving on to home decor and cooking blogs 🙂


One thought on “When You’re Overwhelmed…

  1. meg says:

    I like this one!

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