Major Obsessions

You’ll sometimes find me in a rut and I won’t change my habits for weeks. Lately…I’ve been obsessed with:

Almond Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls from Cha for Tea:


Opi’s “You’re A Pisa Work” for the twinkle toes:


Anything spicy:


Sleep…which makes me want this bed:


Frozen yogurt has made a small comeback:


And tupperware because Ricardo is infamous for leaving them at work:



2 thoughts on “Major Obsessions

  1. meg says:

    Oh man. Almond milk tea with boba is my weakness. There’s this place in Oakland called “Sweet Booth” that serves an almond boba drink with chunks of almond jello in it. yum…

    I’ve been also sleeping like 10 hours a day. and I love spicy food!

  2. The Iceilicious Fro YO Shoppe says:

    Can we use your ice cream picture with the strawberries? If we can’t, no big deal. Thanks!

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