The Silly, but Kind of Smart…Purse Hook?

Along the lines of  the earring stand…has anyone ever heard of the purse hook? Or better yet…seen it used out in public? For the longest time…Ric kept telling me about this little hook a girl in his class whips out and hangs on her desk with all its weight balanced via gravity. Hmm…he’s told me a hundred times that I would love it and apparently he was intrigued by it because when we’re out and about and I’m stuck with no where to hang my purse, he brings it up. Here it is ladies…and gentlemen.


Of course the first thing I asked him was if it was ugly. He told me the girl in his class had one with a cool design. I’m honestly surprised he even noticed. Men…amazing!! And to top it all off…look at some of these ads for this little gadget:



I can’t recommend a specific brand because there’s a ton out there and I’m not sure if I would find this useful. When there’s no place to hang or sit a purse (extra chair, not floor!)…I just keep it on my shoulder. Plus…I don’t understand the whole purse on the floor at restaurants, movie theaters, and worst of all….restrooms! Who does THAT?


5 thoughts on “The Silly, but Kind of Smart…Purse Hook?

  1. Abbie says:

    I have seen those before (although not out and about)… in fact, I just saw a post on them today! I’ve often thought they might be handy, especially when seated at a bar that doesn’t have hooks under the counter.

  2. Karen says:

    I have one!!! I use it all the time at dive bars and restaurants. It’s super handy and small. They make ones that double as bracelets too.

    • (ān'jelēk) says:

      hahaha…say whaaa kare bear? they make one that doubles as an accessory? Genius…why didn’t we come up with something like this…AND…you’re at dive bars all the time!!! Missed out on another opportunity to become a millionaire… 😦

  3. Melissa says:

    I have a funny story about this — years ago I was at a restaurant not wanting to put my purse down (but not having a good chair to put it on) and was left without options (other than putting it in my lap). I thought, I should invent a purse hook.

    Well, after thinking about this idea for a good month I finally decided to google it only to find that it already exists. Then once I brought this idea to a friend who also happened to be a server, she exclaimed,”Oh you mean those things that old women use?”

    Obviously, they don’t have a good marketing spin — I think this idea could make tons of money and that it’s so underrated!

  4. catk says:

    those things are ingenius! my mom’s friend picked up a bunch for us…now if only i could find mine…

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