My Latest Finds…

I was off treasure hunting a few weekends ago at an antique mall and didn’t come across much, but whoah nelly when I decided to stop by our local Home Goods store. I think it’s the perfect place for renters and homeowners alike. I’ve been on a hunt for an earring stand for so long. Girls…you know what I’m talking about. Earrings tangled with bracelets tangled with necklaces = no patience to untangle accessories = slightly boring outfit.

My friend Melissa made a cute accessory board a while back…so cute, I’m embarrassed to show you mine. I like how she hung her earrings on a string., which Katy also suggested I do…but I still longed for an earring stand.

I know, I know…you men reading are probably thinking…they MAKE a stand for earrings? If you only knew….this keeps all your earrings organized in the most beautiful way. See how they hang perfectly in their loops? Perfect….just perfect.

earring standMy next find? I dream of having a library one day or shelves and shelves of books…I’ll take either one. My mini obsession with boxes, containers, paper bags, wooden crates….you know…weird things girls like to collect and keep in a drawer for years. Every time I buy a new box, Ricardo makes me toss out three old ones. That doesn’t make sense to me….but anyways… I picked up this box that looks like a book when its on your shelf. He’ll never even know…ssshhhhhh. For now it holds our passports, social security cards, birth and marriage certificates….all the important things that belong in a pretty case. I wish you can just feel the texture of this case…it’s kind of luxurious…but not in an Egyptian cotton kind of way; more like a hand carved wooden ancient underground secret kind of way.

TangOh yes…I also picked up 2 cute frames seen above….something I can never get old of buying. I have a black and white wall that I’ve been meaning to change out images for so hopefully this will motivate me.

I also came across these super cute bird houses and I couldn’t help myself. They make the perfect cluster….you have to picture them hanging  in a corner wall.bird feeder

Until the next flea market, I’ll hold off the personal shopping and will be looking out for holiday gifts instead. This year’s theme? Everything handmade…have no fret, I’m not saying they’ll be from my hands. Heehee.


2 thoughts on “My Latest Finds…

  1. Karen says:

    I love the book box!! I’ve been searching for something similar. I’ll be on the lookout at the markets in NY.
    I feel ya on the earring stand issue as well. I made one out of a splatter screen.

  2. Abbie says:

    I wish we had a HomeGoods closer! The earring stand is very similar to a necklace stand I have, but mine looks more like wrought iron. Love it! The book box is a neat way to stash stuff!

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