Anyone Try the Olive Oil?

This sweet complimentary gesture was so kind. Our site coordinate at Tiber Canyon Ranch was so amazing…and quite gracious when she asked us at the very last minute if we were interested in having their olive oils put out for a little tasting during the cocktail hour. Ummm…no need to ask Chris…we were all for it!! On top of the three cheese torts, mini cheeseburgers, and shrimp shooters…why not also have an olive oil tasting? I’m just a little bummed we didn’t get a chance to try any…although, we do have a bottle somewhere. So…olive oil right from the olive ranch you were standing in…anyone give it a try?



I’m sure you know where these pretty pictures came from!


One thought on “Anyone Try the Olive Oil?

  1. diep says:

    I tried it and my favorite was the yuzu olive oil. I actually wanted to buy some but didn’t know how.

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