Trick or Treaters…

Since we’re located on a pretty busy street, children seem to bypass our house for the residential neighborhoods. I still waited anxiously for the little chitlins to climb the 8 steps to our house, but they only passed by commenting on our pumpkins…and never coming up to get their candy! I thought the pumpkins on the steps would clearly lead them to the sweets…but I just had to be patient. Soon enough…I had children chanting “Trick or Treat” in unison…ahh…I love it! There was a mini freddie kruger, wolverine, fairy…..I was on the lookout for an owl like this one:

12612But there was only one owl in sight:


Did you think I was going to carve anything else? Ricardo experienced some technical difficulties this year for our annual carve-off and decided to step down. With an extra pumpkin on hand…I took advantage of the other side…heehee:


I think it had something to do with my pumpkin top…the one he laughed at when I started to carve:


I hope everyone had a Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!


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