From Concept to Reality

Choosing our colours was a pretty frustrating task. I really wanted to have all the colours of the rainbow, but then I asked myself..what would keep me focused and keep our look pulled together? Having a set of colours would help us achieve that “mix-matchy, but we still belong together” look.

wedding day colours

You’re probably thinking, “I can’t believe Ricardo went for the pink!” Actually…I never told him hot pink were one of colours, I always referred to it as fuschia so with no objections…I went for it. Let’s be honest…I don’t think most boys know what fuschia really looks like. Green just goes with about everything and they’re easy to work with so then came green. As for the teal…over the past few years I’ve been so in love with this color, we just had to incorporate it, but in small doses. Grey brings a little bit of modern chic with it and white always makes everything look so crisp and clean so there you have it….our wonderful palette that became the driving force behind everything we did. I know it’s a LOT of colours…but I just couldn’t help myself.

Black and Brown are also good neutral colours to pair with…but with the venue being at an olive ranch and the wooden textures we included …..we decided to let those colours speak for themselves…which brown did quite well on its own.

I’ve seen some girls on other blogs create inspiration boards for their wedding…which I made plenty of. And then they go back to see how close their wedding came in compared to the boards. Hopping onto the DeLorean and going back to the future to one of my many inspired boards I created:

concept board

And then the real thing:

reality board



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