My Saturday Night

As I’m writing this post, I’m sitting here with Ricardo watching the UFC fight:

104ufcposterI love the stories they tell about each fighter before they get into the octagon so I find it a little hard to watch a sport that condones the beating and pummeling of one another’s hard rock bodies. And…these two fighting  tonight are quite handsome dudes, so why would they want to mess up those pretty faces?

We were going to watch the show at the Staples Center, but changed our mind last minute since the only seats we could have gotten were high up so we ordered it on pay per view instead. I’ve learned a lot since being with Ricardo in the world of sports…but the world of UFC is a bit new for me. It’s a little nerve-wracking to watch, but then they hug after it’s all over so then I remember it’s all business. Most of these fighters come from very poor parts of the country and they literally fight to make money for their families…it’s their job.

This was actually a really good fight. Lyoto Machida has never lost a round in his UFC career and he came to defend his Light Heavyweight Championship. We really thought Shogun had won this fight, but the judges had thought otherwise. If they ever re-match, I wouldn’t mind seeing them live so let’s hope they fight around the month of February…a great birthday gift for Ricardo.


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