Trends That Hopefully Last

Just the other day, I came across this on Flights of Fancy – Trendspotting: Flags


I know most people shudder at the thought of being too “trendy,” but in this case, it can be so flattering! I really hope this isn’t something I look back 10 years from now and think…yuccck…what was I thinking when I did that? But then again, I just want to do whatever makes me happy, whatever the trend…as everyone should :).

Have you checked out Megan’s blog yet? She just posted some beautiful photographs of Katy’s home and the decorations we did for Joel & Jas’ baby shower. Yup…we used those flags again and now it’s hanging in baby Sophia’s nursery. I’m so happy my flags are in loving and pretty homes!



2 thoughts on “Trends That Hopefully Last

  1. jasmin says:

    Darn right it’s in Sophia’s room! haha Hey, where did you get the fabric? I wanted to match the crib sheets with one of them.. the darker bluish/grayish one. =)

  2. […] more wonder asked me something no one had ever asked me about a few months ago when I saw her at Jas’ surprise baby shower and it’s something that never really came up, but I often thought about. She asked me if I […]

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