Green with Envy

I’m filled with envy because I made these neat little books for the girls and decided not to make one for myself since I’ll have a more formal album later down the line. I love, love, love this Kolo Vineyard 7 x 8 Paper Album in Leaf. There’s only 12 pages (24 sides) so the hardest part was picking out the photos I wanted to include, which makes this album all the more special, interesting, and unique.



The layout was the most fun part doing this book…it’s 7 x 8 in size, so I only had a handful of options in terms of photo sizes. But nonetheless, they turned out BEAUTIFUL!




And it ties up all together with a pretty green ribbon!


If you’d like to view the entire book, click on this link and peruse away!

*photos by: Jenny @ Alders Photography
**printing done by: mpix

2 thoughts on “Green with Envy

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