The Laundry Mat Bum

I’ve met a few people at the laundry mat, but I’ve never been harrassed. I was there minding my own business when I noticed the man sitting next to me and he reeked of alcohol. He was drinking a beer and I thought he was talking on the phone until I turned his way and it was obvious he was talking to himself. Another girl there turned to look at me and we were both mouthing to each other WTF is going on with this weirdo. I think be both had this instinct that neither one should be alone with him so we started folding our clothes next to each other and chatting it up. And then the man started going off again saying things likes:

“Ooohh, that’s sexy.”
“That looks too small for you to be wearing that.”
“You’re both so pretty, you don’t even need to wear make up.”
“Oh yeah, that’s nice.”

I don’t even have the nerve to make eye contact with this guy, but bless my new friend’s heart. She turns to him, looks him straight in they eyes and say, “YOU need to turn away and not look at us. You’re making inappropriate comments and you need to stop!”


He mumbles something under his breath…and miraculously….he stops! And then 30 seconds later…he gets up and leaves on his bike. He didn’t even have laundry to do!! People are so strange. It was obvious he was sick and it was also obvious I need to learn how to better stick up for myself. I notice I don’t do this often and as a woman, I can’t always depend on Ricardo or someone else for that matter to do it for me. Maybe a self defense class would help?

I’m completely TIRED of the laundry mat. It’s such a luxury to have your own washer and dryer…and it’s something you’ll never understand until you live it! Feel lucky if you have one! Extremely lucky!


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