Montana, Montana

Ricardo’s been wanting to visit Montana for quite some time now so we’ve been researching lately and I have to say…if  you ever want to visit somewhere new, request information from the city/state’s convention and visitors bureau and I promise you’ll get the best stuff! You can usually do this online and I’ve been so impressed. When we visited Portland and Seattle a few years ago, we were sent all types of coupons and neat maps. This was where we learned about the Widmer Brewery tasting in Portland AND they give you a complimentary pint glass to take home…best part of all…the tasting was FREE! I have to admit…beer tasting is so much more fun than wine tasting :|.


When we moved to Long Beach, I also requested information from the city for maps, restaurants, and other fun activities. They sent us plenty of info…and also 2 complimentary tickets to the Aquarium….AWESOME!!!


Our “Visit Montana” guides came in  a few weeks ago and I wish I could leave for a summer to live there. It almost looks like a different world, but I’d still love to visit….anyone ever been?





One thought on “Montana, Montana

  1. Never been there. Looks so peaceful and quiet! Thx for sharing.

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