A Little Busy…and Looking for More

Happy Friday Everyone…I’ve been SUPER busy with work this week so I thought I’d leave you with a pretty girls picture before the weekend starts! With the exception of Priscilla…I think all these lovely ladies here attended our wedding as dates…which means I knew their other half before I knew them. 🙂 It’s either that or I really need to start making some more girlfriends…in any case…I love them all the same.


With October here…I’ve been feeling an itch for a second job again. Eeek…remember what I took on last year…and the year before? I can’t tell Ric because he’s probably going to say…oh dear…here we go again. But I kind of want to do something different this time. Hmm…..what to do, what to do???? And why does this inkling always come in October?? So I’ve tried retail and food. Maybe I should try events?

I estimated to save an additional $10,000 from ONLY my part time jobs last year…let’s just say I was nowhere close :(. That’s when I decided I should just stick with my day job…


3 thoughts on “A Little Busy…and Looking for More

  1. meg says:

    perhaps…. a starting a freelance business is right up your alley! Or an etsy shop? We could be freelance buddies!

  2. Melissa says:

    that’s funny because i’ve been thinking the EXACT same thing – i want a side job not only for extra money but for an extra something to do (not that we’re not already busy right? haha). i’ve been thinking of random inventions and everytime i look them up they already exist – though not well marketed.

    once you find something that’s great – let me know. someone recently told me to be a VIP host at a club, but i don’t think that staying up past 2am everytime I work is the route i want to go in haha.

  3. Priscilla says:

    i thought about getting a second job in the summer… but it was a short thought. Altho, i’m thinking about it again, but I can’t figure out what would be suitable for me. And that’s funny how all the girls (except me) were dates.. i never thought about that, but it is true- we both knew their bf’s b4 them. wait.. i actually knew Jen b4 binh (we grew up in the same church).

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