My New Project…

Hip Hip Hooooray for my new project! My Kolo album came in this week and it’s so pretty, I’m scared to get started. Throughout our engagement, we had many close friends send us words of encouragement and love letters via snail mail. You know I’m a sucker for hand written notes. We have stacks of engagement cards, bridal shower cards and happy wedding cards. I’d also like to archive our wish tags, rsvp’s, and photos from our honeymoon trip. I really can’t find anything better than Kolo albums to do this in.

6-3-08 kolo cases

76703-group3ww-lWhen I backpacked Europe with my college room mates in 2004, I came back with a ton of tickets, maps, postcards, and travel mementos. I used a kolo album to save all the good memories since it allowed my album to grow without limits.


A few maps I collected along the way…so many more in the album 🙂

albumSince then…I’ve pretty much been putting my photos in regular albums and although they’re efficient, they’re just so boring and aren’t as strong and durable as I would like. Kolo’s album quality is amazing. I’ve lugged it around to 4 different homes and it’s held up quite impressively. But instead of an 11 x 14 red album this time, I fell madly in love with the “Ocean” 12 x 12. It’s unfortunately been discontinued, but with the web, anything is possible and I was able to track it down. “Chartreuse” was a close second.


I’m planning to get it started in the next few weeks and I know EXACTLY how to get motivated. I have a feeling you’re going to love it as much as I do….stay tuned for something really, really pretty. In the  meantime…I’ll leave you with a few cards that will be going into the album.

*p.s. If you decide to order JCrew dresses for your bridesmaids (or have them made elsewhere), be sure to order a swatch to keep for yourself.


I love the airplane card Meg gave me for my bridal shower below. Just weeks before that, Ricardo had challenged me to a paper airplane contest in the alley connected to our parking lot. Let’s just say I need a re-challenge.



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