The Table Name Frame Mystery

When I heard Jasmin wanted one of my table name frames for her nursery at our wedding…I couldn’t say no. Actually…Jas could have taken anything she wanted from our wedding and I would have given it to her freely. I love her dearly…and since her husband was a little pre-occupied…it was the least I could do. Plus…her baby bump is a little too perfect, wouldn’t you say?


As I unpacked our many boxes when we arrived home…I only found one frame left out of 10 or so. What the heck happened?? Maybe someone saw Jasmin grab one and they followed her lead? Maybe they thought it was just okay? As you can see, our tables were named after tree’s…I’m probably the only one that really liked this idea :). If you’re a culprit of snatching our frames…I want you to know that I don’t hate you…but I also don’t want to know who you are so please keep your identity hidden. I’d like to think the only one I gave away is the one in Baby Sophia’s nursery.



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