Recycle and ReUse…All About the Details

Remember our wish tags? As much as I loved the responses…I really just loved the look of how it all came together! Manzanita branches are all the rage right now and lucky for us, the property our venue was on were filled with them. Our site coordinator has two branches she offers for her brides to use, but they needed a little dressing up so we tied on little fabric flowers scattered throughout.  We hung some mad lib tags, a wishes banner, and VOILA…


Do you see the “A & R” sings on the table? Those letters actually sit on top of our piano and one day…I looked over and thought…AHA…I’m going to use you! Same goes for our menu board…this actually belongs above our headboard in the bedroom. There are so many things in your home that would make for great wedding decorations. The pen holder was one I got for work from Anthrolopogie years ago and it came in quite handy for the day.

details1There’s a ton of waste that go into wedding day decor and I was determined to recycle and reuse as much as possible. Any guesses on where the manazanita branch flowers and escort card swatches came from…if you looked up, you would have noticed they were all the same fabric from our pennant banners and their scraps were lovingly reused.


I tried to really plan ahead  so I wouldn’t feel too hectic by the time we left Long Beach, but sure enough I became bored so I took on one last project the week before our wedding…the fabric flower garlands…all hand sewn and strung with fishing line.

floralI had a general idea of where I wanted things to go when we arrived the day before to decorate, but I really had no idea how everything would come together. Some projects were completed months before the wedding and I didn’t even remember how they looked liked. It’s obvious I’m not a perfectionist, because when you’re planning a wedding, there’s no way everything will be perfect. But if you can accept this, you’re going to have a wonderful wedding.

*Once again, photo credits go out to Jenny @ Alders Photography and lots of love to our second shooter Hannah Bergman. They made the perfect team!


One thought on “Recycle and ReUse…All About the Details

  1. Priscilla says:

    Hi Ange! your wedding was absolutely gorgeous and very well thought out. I’m still shocked that it was a DIY wedding- you literally did it all yourself. I remember going to your house in slo on foothill; I was so amazed of the decor and I felt the same way on your wedding day. See you this weekend Chica!



    p.s. your blogs are entertaining.

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