Etsy Finds

I couldn’t think of anything better to give my bridesmaids than something handmade. I knew it would be something they would appreciate so I went to Etsy to find their gifts. They all have one thing in common which made it easy…they LOVE to travel. And I mean REAL traveling….Becca travels quite extensively for work, she’s actually in Canada right now on a business trip. Katy travels for a living and Tara has been to more places than I can think of! I found the most adorable passport holder and luggage tags on Etsy. Each lady received a different design that I thought went well with her personal style.


They were also gifted with handkerchiefs I picked up at a vintage shop in Long Beach. One of my favorite shots Jenny took:


Finding wedding day jewelry was a task I dreaded so back to Etsy I went. I’m so much more practical so I knew I wanted something I would be able to wear for other occassions. I worked with Nicole from Lillyella to come up with the perfect accessories! She gave great suggestions, worked on my tight timeline and her work was flawless. I have to admit, I pictured handmade jewelry to be a little on the iffy side, but her work was impeccable…handmade with perfection and love. The quality was superior and I still wear my bracelet everyday.


We were also able to find our cake toppers on Etsy from The Cupcake Girls. They’re actually ornaments, but they were too cute to resist and now we have them to keep for the holidays to hang on our Christmas tree to remember our wedding day. They were named: Let’s Take a Walk – Owl Couple and the description read:

He donned his little cap. She dressed in her favorite shawl. Don’t they look like they are out for an afternoon stroll through the woods? They say certain kinds of owls mate for life. I think this sweet pair fall into that category.

owl couple

Making their debut:


I also just found this super cute felt birdie bookmark on their etsy shop. Perfect for my reader friends out there!


So for the perfect gift….I definitely recommend Etsy!!! For anything and everything original, it’s the most ideal shopping mecca out in the world wide web!


3 thoughts on “Etsy Finds

  1. catk says:

    love the design of your new blog! inspires me to blog more..

  2. catk says:

    o. i ❤ etsy tooo!

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