Pass the Cristal….

We’re Baaaaaack! I can’t believe we were just having breakfast in the Costa Rican rain forest yesterday morning…and today, we’re back home in Long Beach. I’ll try not to bore you with the details so I’ll let the photo’s explain for themselves!

Our vacation READING…as you can tell…I AM SO not the intellectual type.

Ricardo’s choice:


Angelique’s choice:


The HOTEL in La Fortuna – Arenal…of course Ricardo upgraded the moment we arrived. He couldn’t say no to the hot tub and amazing eight jet rain shower!
costa rica

The FOOD. There were plenty of drinks in hand as you can see…Cristal is major water brand here. It was fun to pretend we were drinking the real Cristal! Overall…the local food is okay. A comida typico included rice, beans, plantains, and chicken, fish, or beef. We tried many trip advisor top 5 restaurants and had some DELICIOUS dinners considered not so local…but really…we tried it all. Yum…the smoothies were a favorite!

costa rica

The ZIP LINING…was one of the first things we did when we arrived. It was AWESOME! Our team ROCKED and we couldn’t believe 3 out of the 4 groups on our trip were from Long Beach. One couple actually lives just a few blocks away from us and the couple who wasn’t from Long Beach…well…she was my wedding date twin from Kansas City!!

costa rica1

A video of Ricardo coming in like a bullet train:

Later that night…a few of us met up for dinner. I’ve actually never done this with Ricardo before so he asked me if this was normal for people to do when they travel? I tell him…ONLY if they’re this fun!!! The couple on the left, John and Marlene were so generous to pick up the tab as a honeymoon gift for us and Annie + Keith. Ricardo fought him for about 5 minutes and then gave up so me and Annie picked up the tab for beers down at the Lava Lounge. Our share came out to $20 each…isn’t that crazy?


The ANIMALS. There were creepy crawlies and furry mammals…check out the video our guide narrated for us!

costa rica2

The RAFTING. As many of you know…Ric can’t swim. But apparently he had one too many drinks at the bar one night and told me to book the rafting trip for the next morning (our last day) in Costa Rica. I was so excited and couldn’t believe he wanted to do such a thing. He was completely SILENT on our way up and I was annoyed that he was being so darn pissy. Come to find out it was only nerves and after our first rapids…he was pumped and it became a top highlight from our trip. Yippeee.

good ones

We took hikes, drove many hours through windy roads, toured the rain forest, and had the best time ever. Ahhh Costa Rica…how we LOVE you and all your lushiness!! I’ll leave you with a local saying…“PURA VIDA!”

costa rica3


One thought on “Pass the Cristal….

  1. Anh says:

    oh how fun! way better than our honeymoon! lol

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