The Non-Gift Exchange

Instead of exchanging gifts…we decided to simply exchange cards. I’m not sure how this tradition came about and with so much going on…we decided to not present each other with gifts…just a card. I was hiding out in the bridal cabin when my card arrived…with a gift. I was a little irked…because we said no gifts and he wanted to show me up…it’s just like him.

Sometime last year…I gave this book to Ricardo for his love of dinosaurs:


Which reminds me…Meg…can I special order one of these from your etsy shop for his birthday next year?


It’s a cute book if you’ve never read it. So imagine my surprise when he gave me this with his card:

perfect gift

Another sweet sweet story! I thought it was so thoughtful of him to give me something so similar to what I had given him so I was explaining the funny conundrum to the girls in the room with me. Surely this was why he picked this book? Come to find out last night…he didn’t even remember the dinosaur book I had given up. I was so confident that was the reason…I had to pull it from the shelf to show him….Oh MEN!


One thought on “The Non-Gift Exchange

  1. meg says:

    Oh Ang! I love dinosaurs, too! of course I make a card for you to give him!

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