Wedding Mishaps!

YAY….I’m married! You’re probably thinking…shouldn’t I be on my honeymoon?? We’re actually not leaving for another few days so I’m relaxing at home, cleaning up the mess from our packed car and counting down the minutes for Costa Rica. The day seemed perfect…and it was…except for a few wedding mishaps.

Before we arrived in San Luis Obispo, we were a bit weary and tired, but once we got into town…the work began! You know the Boyscout motto…always be prepared. This goes to show….you can’t plan EVERYTHING because unexpected things will happen! 🙂 Wouldn’t you just LOVE to know about them all….because I’d be more than happy to share them with you!


The Favors: Ric and I picked out our favorite cookies from Cowboy Cookies… a local delicious treat in town. We imagined their small “pony” cookies to fit perfect in our favor bags…but imagine the horror when ONLY Ric’s cookie fit? Oh dear! We ended up serving my cookies during the lemonade station and still had a ton left over. Such is life… and in case your wondering, Ric’s was chocolate mint chip, and mine was oatmeal chocolate chip. YUM!


The Tuxedo: Oh Dear….so I’m getting my toes done with Becca and Ric texts me “This $%!& ain’t going right!” Hmm….I quickly call him and he tells me….there’s something wrong! Everyone’s tux is fitted to perfection….EXCEPT for his! His shirt was 4X too big, the jacket smelled like horrible B.O., and he looked like the saddest groom if I’d ever seen one. He was frustrated, it was hot, he was sweating and we only had one day to fix this issue. We came back Friday morning just wanting to make things right with Mens Wearhouse. They helped us pick a new perfect tux, cancelled his rental with a refund, and credited us an extra rental. We even picked out some cute ostrich kicks for him! Rest assured….everyone was right, it always works out.


The Wedding Cake: Katy and I went to Madonna Inn Friday morning to pick up our three cakes. Unfortunately…our ticket order was somehow lost and the cakes weren’t ready! Hmm….this would have been a good order to confirm. After they located our ticket…they called to tell us the cakes would be ready by Saturday morning and in good faith…they also threw in a fourth cake for us to enjoy. We picked pink champagne and it was deliciously devoured at the BBQ on Sunday with Ricardo’s family.


The Rehearsal Dinner: Ugghh…the food was horrible (Ric’s mom could cook better than this restaurant) and it was a little chilly with no lamp heaters downtown! Let’s be happy that was over!


The Processional Music: The DJ didn’t really fade the music in and out as smoothly as I had hoped, but it all worked out. We were a little nervous the bridesmaid processional song wasn’t long enough….but everyone made it. I walked down to a Coldplay cover song by JEM. And if you remember clearly…I walked up to Ricardo right at 1:38 on the track (the best part if you ask me):

It was completely unplanned, but complete perfection.


The Flower Girl Pomander: This pomander was beautifully made by Becca and her Mom…and then right before the walk down the aisle…Melanie’s ribbon broke and there was nothing for her to hold onto! Good thing we were able to take some photos of her and the flowers earlier in the day. She joyfully walked down holding the pomander with both hands.


The “I Do” Vows: After we said our promises, we moved on to our vows. Ricardo was only suppose to say “I Do” once at the end after our officiant repeated everything….but he ended up saying “I Do” after every question because the darn officiant paused so long after the first question! So I had to do the same thing….a minor glitch I can definitely live with.


The Getaway Car: Ricardo was suppose to be ready and at the venue by 1 pm for photos. Hmm….we’re sitting at our sweetheart table when they ask for our keys to load all the gifts in the car. One problem…he forgot to bring the car…he was so worried about getting here on time…he jumped into another car and left our car at the hotel. No worries…someone went to get the car and all was okay. The car was just my car….no fancy getaway car here since we stayed until the last song of the night.


There you have it…all my wedding mishaps! Or at least the ones I knew about. More to come soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wedding Mishaps!

  1. Melissa says:

    Hahaha these are great – however, I’m sure no one (along with myself) realized there were mishaps because we were too in awe of how happy/beautiful you both looked.

    Though, I did wonder about the “I Do” part – it was a cute addition to the ceremony!

  2. jenny smith says:

    Hey Ang,

    Glad Photography wasn’t on that list! Whew!

    Thanks for the blog lovin’!


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