Farewell…see you next time as a Mrs.

Hey there beautiful people. Well…this is it! My last blog post as Ms. Tang because when I return…it’ll be Mrs. Navarro to you! Hmm….what to say, what to say. Well…what DO I want to say? How about…it’s been an amazing year and a half of planning our wedding and now I can’t believe the time is finally here :|. We’re more than ready to say “I DO!” but I often wonder what’s next? I guess we’ll just have to figure it out together.

I took the day off to make sure we have everything we need. Going away for your wedding is a little difficult because if I forget something…there’s no turning back. We went out to our favorite restaurant for breakfast this morning, hung out, picked up lunch, and I have to say….no work on a weekday is pretty awesome! I’ve had a few breakdown moments that resulted in some stress tears, but hopefully on Saturday…you’ll only see tears of joy. I wish you safe travels for those of you driving the distance and I can’t wait to see you all SOON! Ciao Everyone!



One thought on “Farewell…see you next time as a Mrs.

  1. aLi. says:

    congrats ange! may God bless you and ricardo on saturday with much fun, love and laughter. 🙂

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