Opening our first wedding gift!

We have this corner next to our piano with gifts piled high. You’re probably wondering…well why don’t you open them? To be honest…it feels almost wrong to open them before we’re married so we’ve decided to wait until after our wedding to open all our gifts. BUT….there was one exception yesterday.

Ricardo’s supervisor had been wanting to take me to lunch for weeks. We finally decided on a day so off I went to meet her at Ric’s office. When I arrived…she told me there was a cute photo she wanted to show me and Ricardo so we followed her to the back of the office and lo and behold….SURPRISE! A party in our honor from everyone at the office. I was laughing so hard, I almost pee’d in my pants. I was definitely caught off guard and couldn’t believe it.



Vytas….President of the company to my left.


IMG_0061Yummy…the cake was actually REALLY good!

Amazingly…Ricardo was also surprised…he had no idea they were going to do this. I thought I was interrupting a meeting, but I had actually walked into our own surprise party. With the wedding so close, we really thought there was nothing else to do. There were three large boxes in the room and they were egging us on to open our gifts. We didn’t want to break their hearts and tell them we were planning to wait, so we opened them up.

They practically purchased our entire drinkware:


Perfect for ice tea, juice, and beer!


Perfect for ice cream, desserts, and root beer floats!

And 1/2 our Fine China sets (so much prettier in person):


I couldn’t believe their generosity…we were shocked, surprised and felt extremely grateful. This was definitely unexpected…so much that it was a little awkward and uncomfortable. I just did that nervous giggle you do when you don’t know what else to do in funny situations and everyone’s staring at you and you don’t really know who they are. In any case, we feel very lucky to work with people who are excited as much as we are for our marriage.

Ahhh….now about the China…I guess they’re usually passed down from parents/grandparents, but since we don’t have any fine china in the family…we decided it might be nice to start thinking about our own collection. Our Macy’s consultant had told us China is the MOST important item on your registry and we should definitely look at it first. Hmm…but we’re so practical and we won’t use China everyday I thought. Although…when we do get into our first home, I picture many dinner parties and family get togethers during the holidays and tons of entertaining. And perhaps a few candlelit anniversary dinners so I quickly changed my mind. China starts to all look the same after awhile when you’re browsing, but I really do LOVE the ones we picked out. I almost forgot what they had looked like until we saw them again. Ricardo thinks he’s the one that picked them out when someone commented how lovely our choice was, but I can’t tell him it ME who had picked them out. He actually picked out our casual dinnerware. We’ll just let him think what he wants for now :).


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