Highway Robbery

Second post in one day…I know, I know…why so many, but I can’t help it. Guess what we did this morning??



We got hitched at the Courthouse!!! Just kidding…pretty building thought isn’t it? Well…this was where we went to pick up our marriage license this morning. The Old Orange County Courthouse. There were a few other places we could have picked from, but this one was the most historical looking so we went for it.

It’s Highway Robbery I tell you. We were planning on picking up our marrige license in San Luis Obispo…but thinking the days we’ll be there might be too hectic, we decided to pick one up in Souther California to make things easier. Did you know had we picked up in SLO…it would have cost us $90.00? And Orange County only cost us $61.50. Isn’t that CRAZY?? Almost a $30 difference? I’m not sure how counties determine the price for a marriage license, but I’m sure glad it’s done and I can cross it off my list! The Knot’s checklist is awesome…a small glimpse of what’s been done. Trust me….you don’t want to see the full list.

checklistI’ll officially be Mrs. Angelique Navarro in just a few short weeks. It still doesn’t ring quite right with me yet, so hopefully I’ll warm up to it sooner than I think.


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