A frustrating win!

I can’t pull off the “I’ve never won anything in my life” card because that would be a lie. I’ve actually won some pretty neat things and this has been by far…one of my most favorite wins!

609504So we won this Blu Ray DVD player a few months ago, which is awesome because electronic things are just so much fun to win. And then my camera starts going out and Ricardo convinces me that we should get a digi cam instead.



He calls up the company that the DVD player came from and exchanges it for a Canon camera. Although we won months ago, the blue ray was on back order so we just received it. Well guess what? We were expecting the camera to come in yesterday and when we called to see what happened…they had shipped our camera back to the people who gave us the DVD player! Uggghh…how do we tell this company we returned their gift for something else??? It’s one thing to do it and not feel bad, but when the gift giver KNOWS you did it, you feel horrible! Their office is also literally down the street from Ricardo’s office, 1 minute drive time to be exact. So we mosied on over to pick up our camera and dropped off a box of cookies in hopes that they don’t think we’re horrible people.


{Insert BIG FAT sigh of relief here} I’m glad we figured it all out, but I was so darn frustrated with this electronic company. How could they have made such a BIG mistake?? My digi cam is a little old and it’s been long overdue for an upgrade so this win came at the most perfect timing before we take off to Costa Rica. Where did I win such an awesome gift you’re wondering? Off a wedding blog of course. They’re always hosting awesome give-aways and you usually just have to post a simple comment to their question. The chances I admit….are pretty good vs. a sweepstakes because frankly…I’ve never won anything from a sweekpstakes. You never know if you don’t enter so go out there and enter some blog contest peeps.

But the lingering question remaing…is it okay to exchange a gift you received? It felt okay at the time…but so morally wrong when you get caught. Almost a “sick to your stomach” feeling. Uggh..


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