A Cube Snapshot…

Yay…my camera just finished charging so I took a test photo just for fun and then I thought hey…I should really show you a part of my cube! This is what I pretty much look at every day…I promise there was absolutely no staging during this shoot.

cube snapshot

I wish my photo was this bright when I took it…I hate changing the settings on my camera since I can never quite figure it out so I had to do some color manipulation. Any suggestions out there? Let’s see… we’re looking at so many very un-interesting things 🙂

  • Calendar of Ricardo’s school schedule
  • Ricardo picked up a mug for me when he was at Starbucks one day years ago…it’s become my favorite mug for everything. Perfect for ice cream!
  • Plant potter that’s used as my pen holder…this has traveled with me from SLO to three different jobs. It’s a loyal friend.
  • Jack’s head on a mini camera tri-pod. I was babysitting him for someone who went on vacation and have been watching him ever since. Sad story…they never came back for him.
  • Do you see the Elmer’s rubber cement jar? That’s right…I craft at work!
  • Hot dog magnet from Chicago…my boss brings me back magnets from places I send him since I have a magnet wall cube. I’ll show you them all one day.
  • Photo of our nephew Baby Anthony when he was a newborn. I get a little freaked out when clients ask me if he’s mine. Whew….not ready for that one yet.

There’s so much more to see…but trust me, you don’t want to see the cube in its entirety. It’s very much a pig sty right now. Oink Oink.


One thought on “A Cube Snapshot…

  1. Anh says:

    I made the cube! :), THAT picture of mom and dad is back in the day! LOL!

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