A Happy Birthday…and my dad was the one to call…

So I have a confession. I completely forgot about my dad’s birthday yesterday. I remember every year…and this year…I forgot because apparently I was too busy blogging about my 25 days left crisis :(. That makes me so sad…so my dad calls me to tell me he has a funny story to tell me. He LOVES to tell stories and I LOVE to hear them equally the same.

He was working at the Dolce Hayes Mansion on the morning of his birthday and doing his rounds when a lady at the spa asked him if she could get into the hot tub. He said sure. He checked the temperature and she asked him if he could turn the jets on for 30 minutes, which he did. She introduced herself and told him her name was Jenny and she was in California celebrating her birthday. She had spent the day before in San Francisco and was planning to head out to Santa Cruz for the day after the hot tub soak. If you’ve ever met my dad…and seen him in true form…he’s one of the most funniest and animated man I’ve ever known. A little scary and intimidating  if you don’t know him, but really harmless. So when he found out it was her birthday…he started to get really excited because it was also HIS birthday. She didn’t believe him so of course he had to show her his ID. They chatted a little bit, both wished each other a Happy Birthday, and went on with their day.


Before he left for home, the front desk had radio-ed him that someone had left him a gift. When he picked up the card, he saw that it was from Jenny and wanted to write her a quick Thank You card since she would be checking out the next day and he needed to go home. He started telling me about the letter he wrote…how his only daughter was the first one to call him on his birthday every year, but this year it was different because he ran into someone else who also shared his birthday. He was being funny, charming, and at the end apologized for his broken English and if it didn’t make sense. See how funny he is. So he slides the letter underneath her door….a little freaky if you ask me, but he would think it’s completely normal and heads home. All this time, and he still hasn’t even opened the envelope…crazy right? Well…when he opens up the envelope and reads the card…a $100 bill slips out wishing him a Happy Birthday. The things people do for complete strangers to make their day…amazing isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “A Happy Birthday…and my dad was the one to call…

  1. Anh says:

    I always forget Dad’s birthday!

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