Sur la Table Cooking Class

This hasn’t exactly slipped my mind completely, but a few weeks ago…Adrienne and Janice took me out for some girl fun since they both weren’t able to make it to my bridal shower in SF. I didn’t know what we were doing until the day before and I was so excited to learn that it would be a cooking class at Sur La Table.




We took off to Newport Beach and the class was on Easy Backyard BBQ. We cooked, ate delicious dishes, and ended with gelato across the street while they spoiled me with kitchen goodies. And just this last Friday, Adrienne hosted a Passion Party with the same menu from our class. I LOVE using what we learn in classes in real life…but most of all…this passion party came at just the right for us newlyweds to be. I really can’t ruin the fun, but if you’ve ever been to one before…you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Side note: My poor, poor camera is SO on it’s way out the door. It flashes 8 times before it shoots, lags like crazy, and can’t even shoot in regular photo mode anymore. It only shoots in scenic mode, which can be annoying. So guess what this little lady recently won on a blog? Yup…you guessed it…a new digital camera. Perfect for Costa Rica coming up too wouldn’t you say??


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