Mad for Mad Libs…

I find it hard to come up with 5 things people don’t know about you when asked. Because really…it’s always easier to fill in the blanks or answer direct questions, isn’t it? In honor of our mad lib RSVP’s…I thought it might be fun to mad lib about some random facts …and then tag some of my very good blog friends and see what they come up with :)!


My favorite days are Thursdays because then I know Friday is near and we all know no one works on Friday anyway.

I hate it when my my parents talk really loud in Vietnamese when we’re out in public.

When I order a sandwich, I always tell them to hold the mustard and pickles.

If I ever won the pool lottery at work, I would fly all my friends to meet me in a foreign country. But I wouldn’t fly them to Greece because I’m saving that for an anniversary trip with my new husband to be.

My favorite snack to munch on would be anything chocolate and fun size and if I could stare all day at one thing, it would be fat puppies and even fatter babies.

If you lived a day in my life, I guarantee there will be some moments of pure boredom. Although, you’d probably learn I am deathly afraid of slugs and would never in a million years try bungee jumping.

Many things cross my mind every day….but lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with seeing owl mementos everywhere.

I’d like to imagine I will still be able to do my own grocery shopping without an electric chair when I’m a senior citizen.

I’d like to own a little cafe and a pink vespa one day, and when I do…I’d make sure it made me happy.

But all this doesn’t really matter because when I wake up every morning…I SO LOOK forward to singing in the car really loud on my way to work.


The rule is you must tell the world I tagged you :)! You must also post the above caption onto your blog replacing the underlined text with your own AND add or replace one statement and then tag some more friends! Got it?? Tags going out to:

Melissa over at Operation WANDERLUST

Cat at A Day in the Life of…

Jas at Jaz is Preggerz

and Jeff at Small Shorts, Big Ideas!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂


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