Emotions Flying, Lost Earring, and a Sea of Tangerine!

So here we are…the wedding came, it went, and now it’s gone and Becca and Scott are kickin back in Jamaica for their honeymoon. My camera was so darn cruddy…I don’t have any real great shots, but I managed to steal some from her guests. IMG_2883

Becca walking down the aisle withe her dad.


The ceremony area.

DSCN2162The reception area.



Each guest took home one dahlia or spider mum.


My AWESOME bouquet…is that not BEAUTIFUL?






There were plenty of DIY projects here such as the lampshade centerpieces, hand painted napkins, and pomanders swishing in the wind everywhere. The painful part is probably waiting for the professional photos we won’t see until a few more weeks. I’ll be sure to put up more good photos if I find any.

There were parts of the day where I felt so overwhelmed with all types of emotions and Becca kept her composure the entire time. I don’t know how she did it, so I’m going to need that secret potion she had. I lost an earring with all the dancing we did, but thankfully found it the next morning when Ricardo and I went back out to search for it in the grass. Ahhh…a whirlwind weekend and I can’t believe it’s over. 😦


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