fractured and not so funny

Notice anything funny about this pinky x-ray??


I won’t go into a detailed account about what happened, but I can tell you it’s been a looong week. After Ricardo fractured his hand, he went to the school health center to have his x-rays done. He was apparently thinking about me when he was in the waiting room, because he found this pamphlet cover hilarious and thought I would too:


Okay….so BACK to the fractured hand. We were in Urgent Care yesterday to have an orthopedic look at his hand in case he needed surgery. We stood in 5 lines, and waited in 4 waiting rooms until the doctor could see him. We didn’t know how long it would be since he was in the middle of a surgery so I decide to pick us up dinner. Of course, while I’m gone…he gets called in. I make my way back up to the casting room and when I walked in…there was McSteamy standing right before my eyes. Okay…not quite, but he was tall, young, and handsome. He numbed Ricardo’s pinky, pushed it back in place and put him in a cast for the next month. Wonderful isn’t it?? After spending 6 hours at the hospital last night, I’m exhausted and can’t wait for the weekend…and thankfully…no surgery was required. Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend everyone.


One thought on “fractured and not so funny

  1. […] Remember this? Whew…crisis averted! Ric’s cast was taken off yesterday, can we say perfect timing? […]

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