putting things in perspective

There’s a benefit to having a partner in your life to share with.  Ricardo often gives me the reality check I need or am too afraid to admit. He knows the right words to say when I’m down and is really good about turning negative situations into a much more positive light. He encourages me to not be so afraid of failing, because really…I’ll never know I failed something unless I tried.

Some days aren’t my greatest or my best days. Some days are overwhelming and frustrating days. And some days are my most favorite days and I wished they would all be like that.

I guess…sometimes I think about my life and I’m unsure of where it should be. And when there’s doubt in my head, Ricardo assures me where I am is exactly where I’m suppose to be. I’m always wanting more, wanting something different, feel like I’m not doing enough, or constantly feeling one step behind, but at the rate that I’m going…I’m always going to want something else and being content seems so hard to do. I wasn’t “loving” work one day and he tells me, “Do you know what I do when someone asks me to do a mundane task like copying files? I tell myself, ‘I’ll be the best damn copy-er there ever was and if that’s how much they want to pay me to copy files, I’ll be more than happy to do it!” And he does it… no questions asked, or groans, or moans, or ‘this is such a waste of my time’ attitude . I wish I had more of his optimistic outlook sometimes.



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