Venue Layout

I really never thought working at an Architecture firm would be that beneficial…but it has definitely proved me wrong. Our coordinator gave us a simple site plan to decide seating arrangement, table set-up, and etc. I was yearning for some color and a little more detail so I asked a co-worker to help me out. But first…I scanned in the 24 x 36 blueprint she gave us…thank goodness for extra large scanners.

We went from this:


To this:


Now this makes everything SO much easier…


2 thoughts on “Venue Layout

  1. Kate says:

    I’ve been keeping up with your blog because I am getting married at the same location on August 8th. The prettied-up map is the best! I hope you don’t mind me pulling it for personal use.

    Keep up the wedding posts! I’m always checking back to see what new projects you’ve been working on.

    Paul (fiancé) and I designed and Gocco printed out Save The Dates too. You can find a little info on them at our blog here:

    Good luck, and let’s keep in touch!


  2. Yay! Venue twins! I’m excited to see your take on the directions. I’m having a dilemma with that because I really like the feel of the drive in from Price Canyon Road, but when I did the drive (I’ve only been to the venue once because I live in Seattle) I thought the tiny passageway underneath some big concrete thing was weird. I’m afraid people will have a hard time with that little detail. That’s why I’m toying with the idea of only giving people directions from Noyes. It’s a longer drive though….Hmmm. Maybe I should just copy their directions entirely, and just not worry about the weird abrupt shimmy through the passageway. What do you think?

    Thanks! And keep up all the great DIY projects!

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