A Little Heat…and Some Speed

We spent our day yesterday basking in the hot sun at the Long Beach Grand Prix. We just saw Tokyo Drift a few weekends ago on TNT so Ricardo was excited to see the drifting challenge. They do it in teams for this particular race…so I enjoyed watching them be so in sync with one another. All footage caught on my digi cam so please excuse the low resolution.

And then…they did a little of it by themselves afterwards. The second car here is AMAZING…he apparently does a lot of stunts, but how does he do it being outside the car?? I just don’t get it!

And then of course….the Indy race. I had no idea Danica Patrick would be racing, so you know I was rooting for the only girl. She came in 4th, which isn’t bad if you ask me!

We spent our breaks hanging out under the grandstands, looking at exotic cars and even ran into Gene Simmons. I came away sunburned very heavily on my left side. Again…I don’t get it.


This is definitely one of those things I only enjoy because I simply love Ricardo. But in return, I know he does things only because he loves me too. It’s a fair trade I suppose.


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