and the weekend begins…

The weekend will start a little early for us and I’m SO ready for it. Okay not really, because you see…I never even unpacked from Pasadena. So I just rearranged some things in my suitcase, did all of Ric’s packing and got into work today at 6 am. We’re headed up to SLO tonight and hope to make it in time for the Farmers’ Market.


And then…I’m afraid our weekend is practically booked up with the many meetings we have scheduled:


  • Florist Meeting at 10 am
  • Lunch downtown with Ric
  • DJ Meeting at 1 pm
  • Officiant Meeting at 3 pm
  • Maybe sneak in a date night where Ric took me on our first date for dinner


  • Go cake hunting at 9 am
  • Menu tasting/caterer meeting at 11 am in Paso Robles
  • Try to squeeze in a Men’s Warehouse visit
  • Birthday celebration for Lexi all evening


  • Breakfast with the Navarro Family at 8:30 am
  • Site Coordinator Meeting at 10 am
  • Head home early to miss the traffic

The whole stinkin weekend gone before my very own eyes. Have a great weekend everyone!

happy-easter*For a free printable Easter card, click on the image above.


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