whirlwind weekend – part one

I thought it was SO amazing that everyone Becca had on her guest list for her bachelorette party came out! We picked up Tara from the Burbank airport on Saturday morning and headed into Pasadena. We had lunch at an amazing Italian restaurant, walked around town for some good roommate bonding reunion time, checked into our hotel, etc. etc. etc.

After the rest of the girls checked in, we walked to Luna Negra…a tapas restaurant for dinner with flamenco dancers. It was intimate enough for our group and exciting enough to get the night started…especially with our pitchers of sangria.


After dinner…our royal ride arrives to take us all to Santa Monica! We make sure to adorn her with the necessary bachelorette accessories inside the limo:


We arrive to our first stop of the night and have her draw a dare card from our deck… so what does she have to do? Convince someone to give her a piggy back ride!


Other dares throughout the night:

  • Get a guy to giver you a condom
  • Get a piggy back ride
  • Find someone to serenade you
  • Have your picture taken with the bartender
  • Take a shot with all your favorite ladies
  • Start freak dancing with someone in the room
  • Find someone with an out-of-state driver’s license
  • Find a guy with an accent
  • Get behind the bar and pour a drink
  • Find a guy named Scott
  • Get a guy to buy the whole group a drink
  • Find a jukebox, pick a song, and when it comes on ask a guy to dance
  • Find a guy with a mullet
  • Convince a guy to let you give him a spankin on the bum

These guys were AWESOME!


Last shot of the night!


I’m proud to say…she attempted to do all of the dares we gave her! And for the sake of not purely humiliating her…I’ll wait a few days before putting up more embarrassing photos. We kept it pretty classy by omitting any penis paraphernalia and drinking to a controlled limit for the shower we were all going to attend the next day at a tea house. Coming up…..a most LOVELY bridal shower!


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