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My ultimate guest invite?

Everyone knows him…and I can’t be more excited than to invite this special guest to our wedding. Working on our guest list has been challenging, but I surely didn’t forget to include President Obama and his wife. I’ll be addressing the envelope to:

The Honorable Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama
The White House
Greetings Office Rm. 39
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500

Speaking of…I came across some inspirational photo’s of a boy on Kiss the Groom today. Aren’t they just beautiful?


photographs by: Elizabeth Messina


Venue Layout

I really never thought working at an Architecture firm would be that beneficial…but it has definitely proved me wrong. Our coordinator gave us a simple site plan to decide seating arrangement, table set-up, and etc. I was yearning for some color and a little more detail so I asked a co-worker to help me out. But first…I scanned in the 24 x 36 blueprint she gave us…thank goodness for extra large scanners.

We went from this:


To this:


Now this makes everything SO much easier…

Cocktail Napkins…

Again…the gocco comes out to play :). This time…we worked on Becca’s cocktail napkins in her wedding colors! Pretty aren’t they? I take absolutely no credit for this design…she actually worked with a designer on Etsy for this one. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, Etsy’s a dream for the inner creativeness in you and all things original.


A Little Heat…and Some Speed

We spent our day yesterday basking in the hot sun at the Long Beach Grand Prix. We just saw Tokyo Drift a few weekends ago on TNT so Ricardo was excited to see the drifting challenge. They do it in teams for this particular race…so I enjoyed watching them be so in sync with one another. All footage caught on my digi cam so please excuse the low resolution.

And then…they did a little of it by themselves afterwards. The second car here is AMAZING…he apparently does a lot of stunts, but how does he do it being outside the car?? I just don’t get it!

And then of course….the Indy race. I had no idea Danica Patrick would be racing, so you know I was rooting for the only girl. She came in 4th, which isn’t bad if you ask me!

We spent our breaks hanging out under the grandstands, looking at exotic cars and even ran into Gene Simmons. I came away sunburned very heavily on my left side. Again…I don’t get it.


This is definitely one of those things I only enjoy because I simply love Ricardo. But in return, I know he does things only because he loves me too. It’s a fair trade I suppose.

Not Just One

So we didn’t quite make it into San Luis Obispo for the Farmers’ Market. Bummer…darn that LA traffic. As always…there were plenty of parties to attend while we were there. I tell you, there’s always a celebration of some sort with the Navarro’s. We were invited to attend a birthday party for Baby Alan who was turning one. Of course there would be a piñata right?


But there couldn’t just be one…


There had to be 3….but that’s not all. On our way out leaving…we say another one arrive from a guest. Ha…what a birthday! The food is delicious as always…and we were able to have our fair share of cake! Yum. I don’t think I’ve ever seen  a Madonna Inn sheet cake. Surprisingly….I liked the banana more than the chocolate.


When Supplies Are Low….

There’s something about receiving a package that’s quite thrilling. Ricardo tells me the best part about getting a package is actually being the first one to open it up. So if there’s a delivery at the house, he’s all over it. A few months ago, we upgraded our phones and I thought it would be fun to wrap it up for him since he didn’t know when it would arrive. I was at work, had very little to work with so I used a trader joe’s grocery bag, some yarn, and a yellow notepad paper to make a tag. Voila!


and the weekend begins…

The weekend will start a little early for us and I’m SO ready for it. Okay not really, because you see…I never even unpacked from Pasadena. So I just rearranged some things in my suitcase, did all of Ric’s packing and got into work today at 6 am. We’re headed up to SLO tonight and hope to make it in time for the Farmers’ Market.


And then…I’m afraid our weekend is practically booked up with the many meetings we have scheduled:


  • Florist Meeting at 10 am
  • Lunch downtown with Ric
  • DJ Meeting at 1 pm
  • Officiant Meeting at 3 pm
  • Maybe sneak in a date night where Ric took me on our first date for dinner


  • Go cake hunting at 9 am
  • Menu tasting/caterer meeting at 11 am in Paso Robles
  • Try to squeeze in a Men’s Warehouse visit
  • Birthday celebration for Lexi all evening


  • Breakfast with the Navarro Family at 8:30 am
  • Site Coordinator Meeting at 10 am
  • Head home early to miss the traffic

The whole stinkin weekend gone before my very own eyes. Have a great weekend everyone!

happy-easter*For a free printable Easter card, click on the image above.

A Tea House Bridal Shower – Part Two

Becca’s shower, which was hosted by her sister-in-law Jenny, was sweet as can be. Her grandma was an avid tea-cup collector/teacup painter and unfortunately passed away this past year. In her honor, her teacup collection was used at the shower. We were in the back patio of The Raymond Tea House in Pasadena and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We had finger sandwiches/warm scones, played fun games, and enjoyed Sprinkle cupcakes to top it all off.





I can’t wait for the wedding…we’re going to have one rockin time!

whirlwind weekend – part one

I thought it was SO amazing that everyone Becca had on her guest list for her bachelorette party came out! We picked up Tara from the Burbank airport on Saturday morning and headed into Pasadena. We had lunch at an amazing Italian restaurant, walked around town for some good roommate bonding reunion time, checked into our hotel, etc. etc. etc.

After the rest of the girls checked in, we walked to Luna Negra…a tapas restaurant for dinner with flamenco dancers. It was intimate enough for our group and exciting enough to get the night started…especially with our pitchers of sangria.


After dinner…our royal ride arrives to take us all to Santa Monica! We make sure to adorn her with the necessary bachelorette accessories inside the limo:


We arrive to our first stop of the night and have her draw a dare card from our deck… so what does she have to do? Convince someone to give her a piggy back ride!


Other dares throughout the night:

  • Get a guy to giver you a condom
  • Get a piggy back ride
  • Find someone to serenade you
  • Have your picture taken with the bartender
  • Take a shot with all your favorite ladies
  • Start freak dancing with someone in the room
  • Find someone with an out-of-state driver’s license
  • Find a guy with an accent
  • Get behind the bar and pour a drink
  • Find a guy named Scott
  • Get a guy to buy the whole group a drink
  • Find a jukebox, pick a song, and when it comes on ask a guy to dance
  • Find a guy with a mullet
  • Convince a guy to let you give him a spankin on the bum

These guys were AWESOME!


Last shot of the night!


I’m proud to say…she attempted to do all of the dares we gave her! And for the sake of not purely humiliating her…I’ll wait a few days before putting up more embarrassing photos. We kept it pretty classy by omitting any penis paraphernalia and drinking to a controlled limit for the shower we were all going to attend the next day at a tea house. Coming up…..a most LOVELY bridal shower!

Another look…

Another look at our save the dates…this time…from the viewpoint of an invited guest. Thanks Jasmin for taking these lovely photo’s…it’s a little more fun to see it from your perspective!