Wood You Please Save the Date?

I’ll admit…this was not an easy task. I truly believe the most efficient way to craft in mass quantities is by the assembly line approach. This makes it easier to stay focused on one objective at a time. So that’s my tip of the week :).

Can anyone guess where these little wooden cards came from?? They’re actually laminate swatch cards from our interior design department at my architecture firm. They’re always being updated so they were on their way out the door when I scooped them up to save them from going into the landfill and onto your fridge! A great resource for crafting is definitely utilizing your resources…especially at work. These are the same swatch cards you use to pick out your flooring, tiles, etc. for your home when you’re renovating. Innovative isn’t it? So everyone I sent received a different material swatch. I gocco’d some for fun on the right side of the photo below…you can see all the different types we had! But as you can tell..I was more intrigued by the back of it…which had this lovely wooden texture.



As for our wedding logo…I forgot to mention. I had been working with the ladies from Ice Cream Social Shoppe out of New York and they came up with the cutest logos for us. I’m no designer by any means so I knew this was one splurge I wanted to make for our wedding. We talked about our wedding, the theme we had going and after a few revisions…we came up with this:


They also sent me the native files so you’ll be seeing this manipulated in a few different ways (ahem…does our return address look familiar?) After I saw some of their beautiful work, I knew their style would be perfect for us and I’m so glad to have worked with such amazing designers.



The design above was SUPER cute…I think this wedding was taking place in New York and the groom had actually proposed in Paris…hence the statue of liberty and Eiffel Tower. So Sweet!

Okay…so back to our cards. After they were stamped…we needed to add on the twine. I played around with it a hundred different ways and finally managed to make it into a bow. I thought I was done…so I slipped it into the muslin bag and the twine slipped right off and fell apart. Shoot! I looked around and picked up a tube of tacky glue and started attaching the ends. Whew…crisis averted…and thankfully it dried clear.

After we had the ties on, I printed our photos (inspired from mini moo cards) off my home color printer and attached it onto the card with double sided tape along with a roll of magnet I had in my craft box for the backs. We decided to use a photo from our engagement shoot with the wonderful Travis Hoehne.


And then they all go into these cute little things. Feel free to see more about my muslin printing experience here!


Envelopes! Oh how I hated the envelopes. Once I had the mail merge going…there was no stopping. They don’t quite match up in size to our cards, but I didn’t really care because they were actually last year’s holiday card envelopes from my company that we weren’t going to use anymore. Score!


So let’s do a quick breakdown:

Envelopes, Wooden Cards, Tacky Glue, Magnets, Time, Etc. –> $0
Twine: $1.67
Muslin BagS: $14.00 for 50
Each card: $0.31

Not too shaby eh? I asked my dear friend Jasmin to take some photos of it once it hits her mailbox so hopefully she can send me more to share with you. I’m not sure if most people do this…but I also sent one to our florist, site coordinator, photographer, and caterer! They’ll all be a part of our special day so I thought they might enjoy a little snail mail. And if you loved the cards…I can’t WAIT until you get our invites!

For more lovely photo’s of our save the date cards taken by invited guest, Jasmin Canlas…please visit my post here: http://angeleek.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/another-look/


4 thoughts on “Wood You Please Save the Date?

  1. Where did you buy your machine i really want one but can’t find one anywhere.

    thank you,

  2. these are ungodly gorgeous. seriously! great job.

  3. Abbie says:

    These are amazing! I love Ice Cream Social, but when I saw a $600 listing on their Etsy shop, I thought they were most likely out of our budget! Their first suite you showed won me over ever since I first laid my eyes on it. Great job! I love that you were able to use such fun materials.

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