Amor was so NOT in the Air!

Hello everyone! First off….I want to say thank you for your many sweet compliments on our save the date cards! Was it perfect and exactly how I pictured it to turn out? Absolutely not…but did it makes me smile once I realized how much people enjoyed receiving it? More than you can imagine!

I think my biggest challenge with wedding planning has been having a very clear vision of how I picture a certain idea and being SO utterly disappointed when it doesn’t come out quite as how I would have hoped for. I’m not sure where to begin…so how about with FRUSTRATED? (don’t worry…it goes away)

So there I was on a beautiful overcast morning and I think to myself…I’m going to start on my save the dates. At least the first half of it. If you order online from Anthropologie, you’ll notice they use these cute muslin bags to put your receipt in. I actually came up with my save the date card idea first and then found the adorable packaging during the holidays, so it was completely abnormal and so awesome that my cards were the PERFECT size to go inside the muslin bags I ordered…my stars must have been in alignment that day. My plan was to gocco stamp all the muslin bags with a cute spanish play on an old saying: “Amor…is in the air.” Or so I thought. I pictured my cute bags to turn out like this:


Instead…my “is in the air” was barely legible and came out all blotchy.  I needed to think quick so we decided to forgo the “is in the air” all together and kept the amore. Ahh….glad it’s done, but not so glad it didn’t turn out like how I pictured it.



Creative tasks and DIY projects require plenty of time planning ahead. Good thing I remembered to place some extra paper inside my muslin bags to prevent ink for sinking through to the other side. The paper came from my recycling bin at work…I think they were architectural plans of some sort.



Coming up soon…what goes inside these babies.


One thought on “Amor was so NOT in the Air!

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