Engagement Photos

Beware of extreme Angelique + Ricardo overload. We did our engagement shoot a few weeks ago in Old Towne Orange. There’s a million places I would love to have done our shoot in, but we were running out of time, wanted to slightly get it over with and our photographer was in town for a wedding so the timing was perfect!


We passed a Laker flag and we were actually headed to a game right after the shoot.
It seemed like the right thing to do for any die hard Laker fan. It was actually a REALLY great game vs. the Hornets…they went into overtime and Ric was ecstatic about the win. It was a LONG day for us both.





A giggle moment 🙂



And a few photos towards the end of our shoot.

I’d love to still do an engagement session at the LA Union Station and in San Luis Obispo. But I seriously doubt I can convince Ricardo to ever do something like this again. Shoot…I don’t think I can even convince myself…but the thought itself is always nice.


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  1. […] along with a roll of magnet I had in my craft box for the backs. We decided to use a photo from our engagement shoot with the wonderful Travis […]

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