catching up…

What are the chances of all the places Becca has to go to work, she comes to Long Beach? Becca (who is my Maid of Honor) will also be getting married this June at the Temecula Creek Inn and we spent a weekend cake tasting, meeting with the florist, hanging out with some of her co-workers and enjoying some sangria a few weeks ago.  (I didn’t get a chance to take a picture, but it’s pretty close to the photo below when you go cake tasting). Yum…at 9 am…we had the biggest sugar rush of the day:


And then off we went to meet with her florist and have lunch at her wedding venue…I’m SO excited for her to get married!


Since this is my catch up post, I’ll be all over the place…I hope you can follow :).

So after the weekend with Becca, I took my chances at the sewing machine where I have no experience in. I had a vision of pennant banners decorating our venue all throughout.

I came across specific DIY instructions on OnceWed and I started to work away with colors from our wedding. I picked up fabric, trimmed all my flags and I had everything ready to go.  And then the needle broke and the motor died. Bummer. I tried, I was frustrated, so I gave up. Ric saw my frustration and agreed it was time to give up. I’m at work the next day and he sends me an email that his supervisor would LOVE to help me with my pennant banners. She’s an expert sewer, along with her daughter and sewing relaxes them. Ahhh….at first I was a little pertrubed about Ric telling his co-workers of my lack thereof in the domestic area of home economics, but realized he was simply trying to help. So off I went to spend an entire Saturday with his supervisor and surprisingly enough…I had so much fun. We had tea, we sewed, we talked and it was a fun girl’s weekend. She’s English and quite charming so I’m glad she was able to help me. And her daughter? Well she’s  just gorgeous, makes her own fabulous clothes and I found myself with envy that she had such amazing skills with the sewing needlle.  So we started with this:



And they came out like this…we noticed they looked like a certain piece of unmentionables…please tell me you see what I’m seeing:


We used pink ribbon for the mini pennant banners used from the scraps of the large banners. Instead of spacing them 12″ apart like the instructions said, we spaced them out 8″ apart. And for the mini pennants, we spaced them out 6″ apart.  I can only hope they look like this:


We live in city with very little friends and absolutely no family so help from co-workers have been the best offer. And this comes from someone who dreads asking for help so I’m really glad I did. {Insert sigh of relief here for one more thing checked off}

Moving on to how Ric even brought up the fact that I couldn’t sew to his supervisor…is actually a sweet story. You see…both our companies have laid off a few people the past few months. Ric’s company cut salaries all across the board and mine has placed employees on a 24-32 hour work week furlough. The strange part is Ric’s not affected because he’s only part time, and I wasn’t affected since I’m in the business development dept. and in times of economic hardship, we have to triple our efforts. We feel wonderfully blessed, but at the same time…if you know Ric…you’ll know he very much thinks about the future and in case there’s a round two, he’d like to think we’d be prepared. The morning after the big layoff at his company, his supervisor asked him about our wedding planning and how it must be hard to plan in such a tough economy. This was where he told her about how crafty I was and I was actually saving us plenty of dollars by doing alot of projects on my own. But there was one thing I couldn’t do…work the sewing machine. After I found out about his nice compliment, I wasn’t so irked about him anymore. I was probably more humiliated at myself than anything else.

Onto something more fun!!

We recently picked up this cute little number for our flower girl from Macy’s. I’ve seen dresses for little girls in the upwards of $300…which I find maddening! No Joke…this was $65 and after my 20% off coupon, it showed up on my receipt for $13.99. I’m on a don’t ask, don’t tell policy…I almost ran out of the store before they figured out something MUST have been wrong.


There’s much more to blog about…much, much, much more. Stay tuned!


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